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We have compiled some of the frequently asked questions about Mazda Fleet program.

  • What is Mazda Fleet?
    Mazda North American Operations established the Mazda Fleet and Remarketing Department for the purpose of providing the best possible service to our customers in the areas of: - Commercial fleet accounts; - Government fleet activities; - Leasing company support; - Major rental companies; and - Other independent and licensee rental operations.
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  • What constitutes a Commercial Fleet?
    A commercial fleet account is defined as any account that: - Purchases a Mazda as a fleet unit from a dealer and has the vehicle reported as a fleet sale; - Has asked Mazda for financial assistance beyond the normal fleet incentive through a Competitive Price Allowance (CPA) with the intent of reporting that vehicle as a fleet sale; - Purchases any unit for an end-user through a leasing company and reported fleet. Any sale, reported fleet that does not meet the criteria of under 10 to one account per month as designated in the retail sales program rules.
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  • What Constitutes an Eligible Fleet Account?
    An eligible fleet account means a qualified Commercial Leasing Company, Commercial Fleet, Daily Rental Company or governmental agency which has purchased and registered (for use in its business or for lease to others) not less than five (5) motor vehicles during the twelve (12) month period or calendar year preceding the date that the Program Period starts, or any other entity designated by Mazda from time to time in any Mazda Fleet Program as an Eligible Fleet Account.
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  • What is a Competitive Price Allowance?
    A Competitive Price Allowance (CPA) is written on behalf of an account with the intention of featuring Mazda in the portfolio of their fleet of vehicles. A CPA may be written on behalf of one or more vehicles in the Mazda Fleet Program. CPAs are made up of two components: - "Street Incentives" - The incentive offered to all accounts regardless of incremental CPA support. Street Incentives are established at the beginning of the model year and remain static for that model year. - Competitive Price Allowance - These vary by account based on factors such as volume expectations, loyalty of account and production commitments to certain body styles, powertrains, options, etc. Competitive Price Allowance guidelines are established with "ranges" established at the beginning of the model year to allow the Fleet Department work in a timely manner to insure that CPA support to a Ford-facilitated CPA or a Mazda stand-alone CPA can be administered expeditiously.
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  • What Constitutes a Government Fleet?
    A Government Fleet may be defined as, but not limited to, any federal, state, city or municipality in need of vehicles for the purpose of a vehicle that is government registered from government usage. Examples of frequently provided government vehicles are work trucks, people movers, etc.
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  • What is a Fleet Leasing Company?
    Fleet Leasing Companies, or Leasing Companies, are major entities that facilitate delivery of vehicles to end-user companies and, for a fee, administer purchase and title, delivery through OEM dealerships for courtesy delivery and assist or fully assume responsibility of disposal of the vehicle at lease end. Each Leasing Company maintains relationships with all, if not most, nameplates in their portfolio and ultimately insures that there is a seamless transition of company drivers acceptance of their new lease car and disposal of their previous vehicle. Leasing companies maintain relationships with major auctions to assist in disposal but will also, in many cases, assist the sale through the fleet customer's internal sources or employees also. Mazda delivers approximately 85% of all its commercial fleet business through Fleet Leasing Companies.
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  • What is a Government Price Concession?
    A Government Price Concession (GPC) carries the same fundamental principles of a Competitive Price Allowance (CPA) to commercial accounts. The differentiating caveat is that a dealership or Mazda North American Operations will often perform a GPC as part of a bidding process, similar to an RFP for a global commercial fleet. Bids, upon acceptance, will be followed by a purchase order (P.O.) from the appropriate government agency to facilitate the action for vehicle dissemination. Fleet Operations will then put the appropriate GPC into the mainframe screens to facilitate the net invoicing of the vehicle. As customary with commercial business either to account or through leasing companies, dealerships will assume responsibility of vehicle deliveries.
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